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by Rcgp Learning - Wednesday, 11 October 2017, 11:15 AM

GPST_Cropped.jpgThe Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) exam is coming up this month, which may mean that you have booked your place and are now ready to get started on some revision. Preparing for an exam can be nerve wracking and many people have their preferred ‘revision routine’ to ensure that the information sticks in their mind.

To make revising easier, the RCGP provides a tool called GP SelfTest, which is specifically geared towards preparing you for your AKT exam. The content is aligned with the RCGP curriculum, so you can be confident that you’re starting in the right place with your exam prep. GP SelfTest’s value goes beyond AKT too as its structure around the RCGP curriculum can help you create ePortfolio entries on what you have learnt and those areas that are more difficult.

Whether you already have your ‘go to’ revision method or you’re open to some tips, here are just some of the ways that GP SelfTest can adapt to your learning styles:

I prefer to revise…on the go

If you have some time to kill on your commute or you simply prefer to get out of the house when revising, you can take GP SelfTest with you. It can be used on tablets and mobile devices so you have an excuse to take a break from your computer.

I prefer to revise…in small chunks

Using an online tool to revise gives you the flexibility to dip in and out of the content. If you start a test on GP SelfTest, you can stop at any time and pick up where you left off when you’re ready to go back to it.

I prefer to revise…with a time limit

Some people find that learning under pressure works better for them. With the AKT mock exams on GP SelfTest, you have the option to select a timed test that replicates the amount of time you will have on the day.   

I prefer to revise…by setting goals

After completing one of the AKT mock exams, GP SelfTest gives you the option of tracking and analysing your test results. This will give you an idea of what you need to work towards. The tool will also show you a benchmark comparison between your results and those of your peers.

I prefer to revise…by targeting improvement areas

If you’re not sure which areas require the most attention, you can take the Curriculum Wide Learning Needs Assessment exam, which contains a sample of questions from each topic. Based on your results, you can then complete a Topic-Specific test to further your knowledge.GP%20SelfTest-Icon-Print.jpg

To explore GP SelfTest for yourself and to see how it can fit in to your revision methods, you can access the tool here. Over 100 new questions have recently been added, with more coming soon.

For a first-hand account of how GP SelfTest helped Dr Rasitha Perera to prepare for his AKT exam, you can read his blog post here.

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