PEP: Personal Education Planning

Service notice

Following extensive review and feedback, we are pleased to announce that on 30 November 2016, we will launch GP SelfTest, our new online resource to replace PEP and PEPplus.

GP SelfTest features:
  • Over 1,000 multiple choice questions written and quality assured by GPs and AKT examiners
  • A variety of tests to validate your knowledge: curriculum-wide learning needs assessment, topic-specific self-tests to suit your learning needs
  • Tailor your own self-tests to suit your learning needs
  • Extensive feedback and comprehensive links to further educational resources
  • Tablet and mobile friendly - learn on the go at a time convenient for you.

GP SelfTest will provide you with an enhanced and much improved experience whether you are using it to revise for your MRCGP AKT exam or to identify learning needs for CPD and to inform your annual appraisal.

From Monday 17 October 2016, we are no longer able to take any further subscriptions for PEP and PEPplus and these services will be closed permanently from 18 November 2016. As part of the transition to the new GP SelfTest tool and to enable sufficient quality assurance testing, there will be a two week period with no AKT revision tool available. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Full details of GP SelfTest

Email to register your interest providing your full name and contact details.

Welcome to PEP, the RCGP’s learning needs assessment programme.

The PEP on-line assessment tool is in the process of being reviewed. During this time we would urge you to read the FAQs before contacting the helpdesk. Please note that during the review period the helpdesk will only respond to email queries that are outside of the FAQs.

These online self-assessment tools help you to identify your learning needs for GP training, continuing professional development (CPD) and revalidation. By asking a series of multiple-choice questions based on everyday general practice scenarios, they enable you to spot the strengths and weaknesses in your current knowledge and help you plan your own personalised educational programme, so you can improve your performance as a primary care practitioner.


This tool tests the breadth of your knowledge across a wide range of general practice topics, to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

PEP (Personal Education Planning) consists of 140 questions based on clinical events encountered in everyday general practice, taken from across the RCGP curriculum.

It is a formative tool which identifies and summarises areas of strength and weakness which you can use in your Personal Development Plans, providing evidence for Revalidation and CPD purposes.

In addition, it provides referenced feedback, mapped across 20 curriculum areas, which can stimulate self-learning. Because of its formative nature, this is not a 'pass/fail' test, although it does allow peer comparison and signpost you to useful learning resources.

PEP is particularly recommended for AiTs, GPs and other primary care practitioners who are interested in a curriculum-wide overview of their learning needs.

PEP is FREE to RCGP Members and AiTs as part of their membership package.

Start PEP


This tool allows you to build your own personalised modules, to explore your knowledge of selected general practice topics in more depth.

PEPplus (formerly ‘modularPEP’) enables you to build your own personalised self-assessment module, by selecting the topics you wish to be tested on from 20 curriculum categories.

You can mix-and-match four curriculum categories, each containing fifteen questions, to create your own personalised module. All questions include scenarios which reflect real clinical events encountered in the surgery.

You may consider completing one module of four curriculum categories per year. This will enable you to assess yourself on all the curriculum areas over a five-year period, in line with your Revalidation timetable.

RCGP Members and AiTs can create one module of four curriculum categories for FREE each year.

For more information about PEP and PEPplus, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

For any queries, you can email the PEP team at