eLearning Blog

When you need a quick learning fix, the eLearning blog is the place to go. It’s updated monthly, focusing on subjects ranging from upcoming awareness events to hot topics in the press. It’ll also give you direct links to any existing eLearning content that relates to the subject area, such as eLearning courses, screencasts and EKUs.

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Forums - InnovAiT Clinical Scenarios

This online discussion forum will test your knowledge and enable you to discuss complex clinical scenarios with fellow GPs. Each month a new clinical scenario will be posted for you to consider and they will cover a wide variety of real life situations.

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Five Minutes to Change Your Practice

For those weeks when you’re not able to sit down and do a full RCGP e-learning module on its own, the Online Learning Environment Team has devised a 5 minute, bite sized presentation that will take a current topic – often debated in the popular press and therefore familiar to patients – and give you just one or two ideas on how to change your practice and improve patient outcomes.

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