A healthy health professional

Health professionals, like their patients, become ill. Poor practitioner health adversely affects the care of patients, healthcare costs, the lives of the physician’s colleagues, family and friends, and the physician themselves.

Improving the health of doctors has many beneficial effects on patients. Yet encouraging doctors to access help to improve their health is not easy. Doctors make poor patients - they tend to not consult their GP and may have 'corridor consultations' with colleagues. They often find innovative ways of obtaining health care and are at risk of inappropriately self-diagnosing, self-prescribing and even self-referring.

This course, comprising of seven sessions, explores the issue of doctors’ health, and what we can do in general practice to improve the care of our practitioner patients.

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Start Health for Health Professionals - Part 1

Time to complete this course: 5 hours
Date of publication: February 2011