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March is just around the corner, which means that time is running out to complete your appraisal and boost those Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. If you’re looking for a way to save some time and ease the stress of preparing for your appraisal, the RCGP’s GP SelfTest tool may be the answer.

Breakdown%20of%20results.JPGWith around 5000 users over the past year, GP SelfTest is already a popular tool on the RCGP’s eLearning website. You may have seen that it’s a useful tool for AKT preparation, but qualified GPs can also benefit from using GP SelfTest for their CPD and to meet the requirements for their appraisal and revalidation.

GP SelfTest provides an easy way to identify your educational needs and focus on the key areas that form part of your professional development plan (PDP). The Curriculum Wide Learning Needs Assessment test is particularly useful for this, as the results provide a breakdown of any topics that need some improvement. You’re then signposted to any ‘Curriculum Resources’ on the RCGP eLearning website that can help with this.

Reflection%20notes.JPGWhile you’re busy working on your PDP, you can also clock up some CPD credits to add to your log. You can capture and track your improved learning with the results and certificate that GP SelfTest provides. The certificates automatically update with your results and the dates you completed your tests, so you don’t have to remember this information yourself. By adding these certificates to your portfolio and recording any improvements in your results, you can easily demonstrate to your appraiser that you’re fit to practise. You can read more about CPD credits and appraisal here.

There is also a reflection notes section on GP SelfTest, where you can capture your thoughts on what you have learned and ask yourself questions such as:

Tick%20icon%20cropped.pngHow will this learning/improved knowledge from GP SelfTest impact upon your practice?
Tick%20icon%20cropped.pngWhat have you done differently with your improved learning?
Tick%20icon%20cropped.pngWhat impact will your improved learning have on your patients?
Tick%20icon%20cropped.pngHas it helped you with a Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)?

Your notes can be printed with a certificate of your test results, and used as evidence of your CPD.

GP%20SelfTest-Icon-Print.jpgTo start making your appraisal preparation quicker and easier, you can purchase your subscription to GP SelfTest here. If you need some more information first, you can find out more about the tool and how it can benefit you by visiting the GP SelfTest homepage here.

[ Modified: Thursday, 1 February 2018, 10:28 AM ]