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As part of the Supporting Carers in General Practice programme, funded by the Department of Health, the RCGP has produced this course based on the rollout of regional workshops between 2009-2012 that focused on the identification and support of carers in General Practice.

Working through the contents will give you the rationale behind increasing awareness and support for carers, whilst also highlighting and signposting areas that can commonly be improved or changed to the benefit of both carer and practice. The accompanying guidance will enable the practice to complete a Self-Assessment Checklist and their progress.

In order to get the best of this course you should work through the sessions in numerical order. Once completed, please fill in your Self-Assessment Checklist and return to the RCGP. More details can be found in the accompanying guidance.

This course is FREE to all healthcare professionals in the UK.

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Time to complete this course: 2 hours
Date of publication: October 2013
Reviewed and updated: June 2021
Curriculum: People with Long-Term Conditions including Cancer , Older Adults , People at the End-of-Life
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