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Carers provide unpaid support for disabled, sick and vulnerable people who would not be able to manage without their help. They are a valuable resource, saving the UK economy in excess of £119 billion every year in care costs.

Around 12% of adults in the UK are carers and so every GP will come into contact with carers every day of the week. Involving carers in care decisions and supporting carers to maintain their own health and the caregiving situation can prevent unnecessary admissions or residential care home placement and enable people with health problems to live independently for longer.

This course provides information and guidance for GPs and other community healthcare professionals to enable them to build carer involvement and support into their everyday practice.

This course is FREE to all healthcare professionals in the UK.

Start Supporting Carers in General Practice

Time to complete this course: 3 hours
Date of publication: December 2013
Reviewed and updated: January 2018