Time to complete:
1.5 hours
Date of publication:
27 July 2021

This is a recording of a live webinar that took place on 27 July 20121 This recording will be available to view until 27 January 2022

Join the innovative Dr Sharon Raymond for inside tips on entering and excelling in Urgent Care.  

This is a unique chance to get a summary of her experience in a bitesize format. She will describe the context including developments during the pandemic. She will encapsulate the golden rules based on learning from serious incidents. There will also be space to discuss and ask questions. 

Sharon is well-known for her can-do attitude, for example, as director of the Covid Crisis Rescue Foundation, she was a pioneer in setting up the oxygen probe, PPE, and vaxi taxi services in London, so we look forward to an energetic and practical seminar grounded in reality.

Learning objectives:

1. Have insight into Urgent Care and it’s the context in general practice

2. Understand the key challenges faced by GPs managing patients in the urgent care setting

3. Explore golden rules with reference to the learning from cases including serious incidents and complaints

4. Group reflection.

Webinar Chair:

Dr Camile Gajria MRCGP, GP in North & West London and faculty education lead

Webinar Speaker: 

Dr Sharon Raymond MRCGP, GP and Director, Covid Crisis Rescue Foundation

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