Deafness and hearing loss toolkit

GPVTS Teaching and Curriculum

Powerpoint to present at your VTS scheme

Powerpoint to present at your VTS scheme

Download Deafness and Hearing Loss in Primary Care presentation (2,121 KB PDF)

Examples of regional GPVTS teaching around Deafness and hearing loss

  • “We have run ENT mornings, part of which deals with hearing loss and reading audiograms”
  • “We arranged for the RNID to send one of their hearing-impaired trainers to come and lead a session for us - it was very professional and impactful”
  • “Sign language session; session from GP with special interest in ENT covering some aspects of hearing loss”
  • “Sessions on dizziness, neuro-otology, general ENT, hearing protection/UK noise protection regulations”
  • “We have had a session on disability that included how to adapt consulting for patients with deafness. We plan a session next year with a patient and a local charity specifically focussing on sensory impairments”
  • “Session on sensory deprivation in the elderly which included hearing loss and was presented by one of our ST1 to our trainees”
  • “Veterans - we have compassion cases where we may role play a person with hearing difficulties and the challenges it poses in a consultation”
  • “Talks from ENT include section on H-L”
  • “performing arts medicine - which covers noise-related hearing loss”