Women's health toolkit

This Women’s Health Hub is categorised into sections best representing the needs of women at different stages of their lives.

Top tips and useful resources

Contraceptive CHOICE project round up: what we did and what we learned

The US Contraceptive CHOICE Project was a prospective cohort study of 9,256 women in the St. Louis area. The project provided no-cost reversible contraception to participants for 2-3 years with the goal of increasing uptake of long-acting reversible contraception and decreasing unintended pregnancy in the area.

Results from this project found that when barriers to contraception (cost, access and knowledge) were removed women choose the most effective and user-independent methods, method satisfaction and continuation rates were higher and unintended pregnancy and abortion rates were reduced.

Primary Care Women’s Health Forum: 10 top tips for intrauterine contraception

Useful evidence-based tips to improve counselling and increase awareness of the advantages of intrauterine methods of contraception.

Guidelines in Practice: Top Tips: sexual and reproductive health

Excellent top tips summary on providing sexual and reproductive health in general practice, including recommendations on:

  • Screening patients for sexually transmitted infections and HIV
  • Contraception methods and recommendations
  • Providing care for different communities including people who identify as LGBT.