Women's health toolkit

This Women’s Health Hub is categorised into sections best representing the needs of women at different stages of their lives.

Resources for training and appraisal

Training resources

  1. The International Menopause Society Professional Activity for Refresher Training, (IMPART) is an online training course aimed at both primary care practitioners and hospital specialists. IMPART comprehensively provides practitioner training in managing both acute menopausal symptoms and the long term consequences of the changes that occur at menopause. It provides guidance in midlife preventative health care, including when and what basic health checks should be performed to prevent and detect bone loss and osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, gynaecological cancers, and impaired mental health.
  2. RCGP e-learning. Bloating and other symptoms: Could it be ovarian cancer? A 30 minute e-learning module developed in conjunction with Target Ovarian Cancer aiming to increase knowledge and confidence in deciding when to assess women with bloating and other abdominal symptoms for ovarian cancer. This session covers the presentation and diagnosis of ovarian cancer in primary care through the use of case studies.