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TARGET logo, showing some pills and the words TARGET, keep antibiotics workingUsing patient leaflets interactively in consultations is the best way to support effective discussions and maintain patient satisfaction.

Version 1.0, November 2021.

Pharmacy Antibiotic Checklist

The antibiotic checklist is for community pharmacy staff to use with patients or carers collecting antibiotics. The checklist has been designed to follow the antibiotic prescription journey, to be completed by patients and pharmacists, to facilitate individualised advice to the patient.

Pharmacy Antibiotic Checklist translations

Community pharmacy counselling checklist

This Antibiotic Counselling sheet is a supporting tool to the Antibiotic Checklist, which can help inform the information provided to patients, including how to take antibiotics, their common side effects, and interactions. This was a collaboration between the Public Health England (now the UK Health Security Agency) TARGET Antibiotics toolkit and Public Health Wales and is suitable to be used by healthcare professionals across England and Wales. This counselling sheet underwent consultation with the All-Wales Antimicrobial Guidance Group (AWAGG).

For more information on How Community Pharmacies Can Keep Antibiotics Working, visit Health Education England’s AMR Hub and complete the e-module on Antimicrobial Stewardship for Community Pharmacy.

For any queries in the content of the leaflet please contact us: TARGETantibiotics@phe.gov.uk