Podcast & Screencast Description and Terms of Use

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is a membership and standards body for family doctors in the U.K.

The RCGP EKU Podcasts and Screencasts are content based on the RCGP Essential Knowledge Updates made by the RCGP for health professionals in the U.K. and made available through the Online Learning Environment and iTunes.

RCGP EKU Podcasts cover the most important educational messages of the Essential Knowledge Update modules through a discussion with the respective authors, and thereby adding a further dimension to the learning experience.

By viewing/listening to the content of the RCGP EKU Screencasts you are able to learn more about the modules included within an Update. Each screencast provides additional insight into the topic being discussed through the commentary provided by GPs, who has extensive knowledge within the field.

RCGP EKU Podcasts & Screencasts Terms of Use

  1. The podcasts and screencasts for the Essential Knowledge Update (EKU) programme are based on the content of the associated EKU release and are valid for the U.K. only.
  2. The content of the EKU podcasts and screencasts are the opinions of the participating doctors and based upon the source material which represents the gold standards and consensus based practice on the subject matter at the time of publication.
  3. EKU podcasts and screencasts are not intended as medical advice for patients or to replace a consultation with a qualified doctor.
  4. Each EKU release, and thus the opinion expressed in the podcasts of the EKU release, are valid for 18 months after first publication, unless superseded earlier.
  5. You can use the RCGP podcasts and screencasts for personal use, or as part of your Continuing Professional Development, provided you comply with the Online Learning Environment Terms and Conditions and these RCGP EKU Podcast and Screencast Terms of Use.
  6. You may not directly or indirectly change, edit or add to the RCGP EKU Podcasts and Screencasts in any way, nor combine the RCGP EKU Podcasts and Screencasts with any other material without explicit permission by the RCGP.
  7. You do not have the right to use any RCGP Content or RCGP logo on your device or elsewhere except as provided in the RCGP EKU Podcasts and Screencasts themselves, unless explicit permission by the RCGP has been granted.

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