Urinary tract infection resource suite

Patient facing materials

Treating your infection - URINARY TRACT INFECTION (TYI-UTI) leaflet for women under 65 years 

The TYI-UTI patient Information leaflet has been designed to be used with women who are experiencing urinary symptoms suggesting non complicated UTIs. 

This leaflet supports implementation of recommendations in the NICE guidelines on processes for antimicrobial stewardship and behaviour change for antimicrobial stewardship

TYI-UTI leaflet leaflet (Welsh)

For leaflet translations in various languages, please visit the Leaflets to share with Patients section of the TARGET toolkit.

Treating Your Infection UTI leaflet FOR OLDER ADULTS and those who care for them

The leaflet can be used either to provide information on UTIs to those at risk or care staff may wish to share this leaflet with older adults in their care and/or their relatives. The leaflet may also be used during primary care consultations to facilitate dialogue between a patient and their healthcare professional on specific topics like treatment or safety netting. We would recommend that the leaflet is used as a tool to interact with patients, rather than as a ‘parting gift’. 

TYI-UTI for older adults leaflet (Welsh)

Urinary tract Infection leaflet combined for adults

This leaflet contains information from our TYI-UTI leaflet for women under 65 years and UTI leaflet for older adults in an easily accessible booklet style format with icons and images. This leaflet has been designed for use in the primary care setting, including general practice, community pharmacy and for use by carers and in care homes. It is suitable for consultations to facilitate dialogue between a patient or their carer and their healthcare professional on specific topics related to managing their UTI.

UTI leaflet combined for adults (Welsh)

For a fully referenced version of the UTI leaflet combined for adults, please email: TARGETAntibiotics@phe.gov.uk