Continued Professional Development Training and Appraisal

Cancer is an evolving area of practice with new developments both in the background science and in treatments and care pathways. It is therefore vital to keep up to date.


Educational Events

Face-to-Face Learning Events


Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK in Association with

RCGP Cancer Education Hub

Selection of RCGP Hosted e-Learning Modules – Accessible to those with RCGP membership:


  • Variety of CPD Modules – Available to those with a BMA membership, includes many modules relevant to cancer

Audit and Quality Improvement

The Quality and Evidence Personal Excellence Pathway (QEPEP) Toolkit. - This toolkit is tailored for QEPEP use at the University of Manchester, however principles of QIP facilitation within it are universal and maybe applicable to other programmes.

Learning Event Analysis

Learning event analysis (LEA) toolkit for early diagnosis of cancer

Improving Diagnosis of Cancer: A Toolkit for General Practice

Significant event audit of all emergency presentation of cancer is a recommendation from the national cancer taskforce in England and a part of the GMS contract in Wales. It is a useful way to learn from cases and improve care. Ideally significant event audits in these cases should be done across primary and secondary care.

National Cancer Diagnosis Audit

The National Cancer Diagnosis Audit (NCDA) helps us to gain new insights into patient pathways to cancer diagnosis and can inform service improvements that will help to diagnose cancers earlier.

How does it work?

The NCDA gathers primary and secondary care data to explore patient pathways to cancer diagnosis. The last audit round took place in 2016/17 using 2014 data.

The audit looks at clinical practice to understand:

  • Interval length from patient presentation at the surgery to diagnosis
  • Use of primary care led investigations prior to referral
  • What the referral pathways for patients with cancer are, and how they compare with those recorded by the cancer registry

What’s next?

  • A publication summarising the findings from the most recent round of the NCDA is expected soon in the British Journal of General Practice.
  • The next round of the NCDA is planned for early 2019.

To find out more:

Clinical Cases

Practical Profiles

  • Fingertips Public Health England Website – Allows GPs in England to obtain practice level data on how they are doing in cancer care. It allows practice date to be compared with CCG and national averages and other practices. It is a useful tool to look for areas of quality improvement

Local Cancer Statistics