• Identity verification

    What is identity verification?

    Most general practice services rely on varying levels and methods of identity verification. But access to online services demands a more consistent and robust approach to ensure patient confidentiality while providing them with secure access to personal and sensitive data.

    Patients may book an initial appointment online as soon as they have completed a simple online registration process. However, a more secure identity verification process is required before full access to appointment, repeat prescription ordering or record access services may be enabled for a patient.

    Every practice is required to verify patient identity documentation, or individually vouch for each patient requesting access to online services. These processes need to be simple, quick, patient-friendly and not overly demanding for the practice. Please see NHS England guide Patient Online Services in Primary Care | Good Practice Guidance on Identity Verification, and lnks below for an overview of the process within the guidance and material.

    See below for guidance on how to verify the identity of patients, a checklist and examples of documentation for practices.

    Identity verification - guidance for general practice:

    • Identity verification - guidance for general practice (PDF)

    Identity verification - supporting material:

    'Identity Verification' eLearning – available here (free registration/ login required)