• Coercion

    What is Coercion?

    Coercion is the act of governing the actions of another by force or by threat, in order to overwhelm and compel that individual to act against their will.

    Online services of all types are vulnerable to coercion. In the context of online services coercion might result in patients being forced into sharing information from their record, including login details, medical history, repeat prescription orders, GP appointment booking details and other private, personal information.

    This is not a new issue. Practices will already have processes in place to manage instances of suspected coercion related to paper-based and face-to-face services. But online services provide new and additional opportunities for coercive behaviour that need to be managed.

    See below for general practice guidance on the challenges of coercion and how to deal with these, along with an example registration form and patient information leaflet:

    Coercion - guidance for general practice:

    • Coercion - guidance for general practice: PDF

    Coercion - supporting material:

    “Coercion” and “Protecting patients and practices” eLearning – available here (free registration/ login required)