• Promoting patient online

    How can patient online be promoted among patients?

    Online services, such as access to records, appointment booking and repeat prescription management, offer convenience for patients as well as choice and control in how they access GP services. They complement the existing ways in which patients may continue to engage with their practices, and can bring benefits to practices as well.

    Many GP practices already offer online access to records and transactional services for their patients, and the General Medical Service (GMS) Contract 2014/15 required all general practices in England to offer Patient Online by the end of March 2015 (click here for Personal Medical Services (PMS) Agreements). Since then the contractual requirement has increased to include elements of the record. More information about these changes is available in the Overview and Benefits eLearning, and the BMA Key changes to the GP contract webpage.

    The aim of this section is to help practices raise awareness of services among their patients.

    See below for guidance for general practice including benefits for patients, raising awareness, links to promotional resources and long-term conditions records access, plus supporting documents:

    Promoting patient online - guidance for general practice:

    • Encouraging patient take-up of online services - guidance for general practice: PDF

    Promoting patient online - supporting material:

    (please see NHS England link below for leaflets, posters and other resources)

    “Protecting patients and practices” eLearning – available here (free registration/ login required)