Practice preparation for automatic record access

Automatic record access is new and will be switched on nationally in 2022. This section offers guidance on the steps that practices may take to prepare for automatic record access. It may not be relevant once automatic record access is active across England.

People aged 16 and over who are registered with a practice in England and have an account for any GP Online Services will have automatic prospective access to their GP record. This includes coded information, medication, consultations, and documents but not administrative messages and emails that refer to the patient. Nor does not include online consultations.

Patients who obtain a GP Online Services account for the first time once automatic record access begins will have access to their full GP record from the date when automatic record access was rolled out.

Patients who transfer to a new practice will lose their access to the record from their previous practice. If they have an NHS Login, their access will be automatically transferred to their new practice when they register. If they use a PFS app or web portal that does not use the NHS Login, they will have to register for login credentials at their new practice in the usual way (see the section on Patient registration for GP Online Services).

Once a patient has automatic record access, the clinical benefits of enhanced person-centred care and the risks from viewing potentially harmful information online will be the same as when record access is agreed for an individual patient by the practice.