About RCGP eLearning

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is the UK body responsible for setting the standards for general practice education, training, Revalidation and the MRCGP examination.

The online eLearning materials in this site are developed and badged by the experienced eLearning team at the RCGP. Over the past nine years, the team have developed and published a range of high quality RCGP online courses and certifications to support CPD and revalidation. The intended audience for our eLearning materials are GPs and primary healthcare professionals, GP Specialty Trainees and GP Educators. Our materials are written to reflect UK practice.

All RCGP courses currently go through a peer-review process and quality assurance check to ensure they are of the highest quality. However, best medical practice can change over time and it is the user's own responsibility to make his or her own professional judgement before applying the information contained in these educational materials to patient care.

If you would like to find out more about our eLearning programme, or are interested in working with the RCGP to develop new eLearning updates or courses, please contact the RCGP eLearning team.

The RCGP eLearning team are:

  • Dr Dirk Pilat, GP and Medical Director for eLearning
  • Annemarie O'Dwyer, Programme Manager
  • Dr Toni Hazell, GP and eLearning Development Fellow
  • Dr Emma Nash, GP and eLearning Development Fellow
  • Damian Bardiger, eLearning Developer
  • Sophie Adib, Project Officer
  • Jahangir Ahmed, Project Officer
  • Sabeen Altaf, Senior Project Officer

The RCGP Essential Knowledge Update Programme team are:

  • Dr Thomas Round, EKU Development Fellow
  • Dr Chris Elfes, EKU Steering Group Chair & EKC Clinical Lead
  • EKU Authors
  • EKC Writers
  • EKU Editorial Board
  • Katie Hopkins, Education Project Officer
  • Dragana Milosevic, Education & Projects Manager
  • Beverley Berry, Research Consultant (EKU literature searches)

The RCGP eLearning and EKU Programme teams are overseen by the RCGP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Group.

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is a membership body of family doctors committed to delivering excellence in general practice and patient care, in the UK and overseas.

To find out how to become an RCGP member, contact RCGP Membership.

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