This free 'taster' contains some examples of the Essential Knowledge Update (EKU) modules and Essential Knowledge Challenge (EKC) questions currently available in the full Essential Knowledge Update Programme as well as a number of EKU Hot Topics, Podcasts and Screencasts. All of the EKU Programme resources cover new and changing knowledge relevant to daily general practice, wherever you work in the UK.

The Essential Knowledge Updates and Challenges are FREE to all RCGP members, Associates, and AiTs as part of the RCGP Membership benefit package. Non RCGP members can purchase an Annual Essential Knowledge Update Programme subscription (this includes access to the two most recently released Updates and Challenges) for £149 or an individual Update for £75 or Challenge for £55. To do so, please visit the ‘Courses and Events’ section of the RCGP website and follow the online instructions to complete your registration and booking for these courses. Access to the Hot Topics, Podcasts and Screencasts is free for ALL users.

Access to this course is Unrestricted.

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