EKU Journal Watch

The EKU Journal Watch bulletin provides a succinct monthly digest helping GPs keep up-to-date of recent guidelines, research papers, articles and reports that have the potential to impact on general practice and patient care.

The items have been selected from the most recent EKU reference searches.

Curriculum: Allergy and Immunology , Cardiovascular Health , Children and Young People , ´╗┐Consulting in General Practice , Dermatology , Ear, Nose and Throat, Speech and Hearing, Evidence Based Practice, Research and Sharing Knowledge , Eyes and Vision , Gastroenterology , Gynaecology and Breast , Haematology , Improving Quality, Safety and Prescribing, Infectious Disease and Travel Health , Kidney and Urology , Maternity and Reproductive Health , Mental Health , Metabolic Problems and Endocrinology , Musculoskeletal Health , Neurology , Older Adults , People at the End-of-Life , People with Long-Term Conditions including Cancer , Population Health , Respiratory Health , Sexual Health , Smoking, Alcohol and Substance Misuse, Urgent and Unscheduled Care
Date of publication: 15 June 2016
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