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No-one expects their child to die before them – it isn’t the natural order of things. This course aims to provide GPs with the tools to support patients who have experienced a loss during pregnancy or the death of an infant or child. The first module discusses what to do in the immediate aftermath of a loss whilst the second deals with longer term issues and management in subsequent pregnancies. There is some discussion of legal issues and, for brevity, the term Coroner is used throughout. Information about equivalent systems in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can be found in the resources section as can many resources to help support parents. Quotes in the course are from various surveys of bereaved parents, details of which can be found in the references section. 

An educational grant was received by Child Bereavement UK and Stillbirth & neonatal death charity for the production of the course.  Editorial and content decisions were made solely by the RCGP.

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Curriculum: Maternity and Reproductive Health
Time to complete this course: 60 minutes
Date of publication: 13 May 2018
Reviewed and updated: 13 May 2021
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