This course consists of two modules, which cover different areas of this subject but with some overlap. The first module concentrates on care of the adult transgender patient, using a case study approach to discuss all aspects of GP care. This includes prescribing, pronoun use and changing the gender marker in the notes as well as a detailed discussion of the GMC and BMA positions on transgender care. The second module focuses more on the adolescent patient and discusses management including psychological input and drugs such as puberty blockers, as well as what to do if a patient presents to their GP wanting to discuss pausing or reversing aspects of their transition, as well as more information about disclosure of trans status within the context of medical care. In some places this course refers to administrative issues that do not apply across the whole of the UK, for example NHS numbers. The resources section contains information on these issue for those working in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Curriculum: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Time to complete this course: 75 minutes
Date of publication: 15 November 2020
Mode: Course
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