Introduction to rare diseases

This course aims to educate primary care clinicians about neuromuscular disorders, putting these in the context of other rare diseases. It gives disease-specific information for some of the more common neuromuscular disorders and describes common features and key differences of a range of neuromuscular conditions. It discusses the importance of early diagnosis and new emerging therapies. The course also highlights when one should suspect a neuromuscular disorder and what to do. The associated module, ‘Motor development in children’, provides you with a structured approach to assessing children’s motor development and highlights some key red flags.

PTC Therapeutics has provided sponsorship to the Royal College of General Practitioners in order to develop this educational programme. PTC Therapeutics has provided a medical accuracy and ABPI Code compliance review of the content but has had no input into the development of this programme.

PTC Therapeutics

Curriculum: Genomic Medicine , Musculoskeletal Health
Time to complete this course: 15 minutes
Date of publication: 15 May 2022
Mode: Course
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