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The influenza (flu) virus usually causes high levels of morbidity and mortality during each winter season. The situation was more complex during the pandemic, with social distancing interventions due to COVID 19 greatly reducing flu rates. This course will discuss flu vaccination and the management of flu-like illnesses in 2023/24.

CSL Seqirus has funded this course and has been involved in discussion for the topic of the course. The content has been prepared independently by the RCGP without any input from CSL Seqirus. This course is intended for healthcare professionals.

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This course is currently being updated for the 2023/24 flu season and may not be accurate while this update is ongoing. We hope to be finished updating by the end of August 2023. Accurate information about flu vaccination for 2023/24 can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-flu-immunisation-programme-plan/national-flu-immunisation-programme-2023-to-2024-letter

Curriculum: Infectious Disease and Travel Health
Time to complete this course: 75 minutes
Date of publication: 15 August 2022
Reviewed and updated: 15 August 2023
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