Motivational interviewing
Time to complete this course:
15 minutes
Date of publication:
December 2022

Content reviewed:
March 2023

This course aims to increase the confidence of the GP to use Motivational Interviewing (MI) when approaching consultations on weight management with people living with obesity. It will introduce the principles of the approach, the core skills and the four processes. MI is not just a set of skills so this course will present the spirit and attitude of the practitioner when using MI. The course will include practical examples of using MI in brief consultations on weight management with people and suggest helpful responses when faced with barriers and challenges that a person may voice when talking about health behaviour change. A framework for sharing information and offering advice in an engaging way will be described.

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Curriculum: Metabolic Problems and Endocrinology
Time to complete this course: 15 minutes
Date of publication: 10 December 2022
Reviewed and updated: 10 March 2023
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