Sarcoidosis is a rare condition, though less rare in some ethnicities than others, and a GP may only see one or two new cases in their career. Survey data suggests that some patients report symptoms for years before the diagnosis is made. Early consideration of sarcoidosis as a possibility and referral to specialist sarcoidosis centres by GPs could prevent progression of symptoms and speed up the identification of extrapulmonary complications. This short course aims to assist GPs to consider sarcoidosis as a possible explanation for patients presenting with typical as well as non-specific symptoms and signs suggestive of this disease. The course will give information on investigations, referral pathways and suggestions for identification and management and possible complications (sometimes potentially life-threatening) in those diagnosed with sarcoidosis.

A specific donation was made to  SarcoidosisUK to enable the charity to fund this course. Editorial and content decisions were made solely by the RCGP.

Curriculum: Respiratory Health
Time to complete this course: 30 minutes
Date of publication: 23 February 2023
Mode: Course
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