This course aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of cervical and endometrial cancer. The commonest type of both cancers have opportunities for earlier identification and prevention with recognised risk factors and natural history of progression through stages of treatable pre-malignant disease.  

Cases typically seen in primary care clinics are used to highlight the importance of taking a careful menstrual and sexual history to direct the examination, management and referral requirements. The course will also discuss the prevention and early intervention role that primary care can support to reduce cervical and endometrial cancer risks as well as improve outcomes by earlier recognition and referral.


An educational grant was received by MSD for the production of this course. Editorial and content decisions were made solely by the RCGP.

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Curriculum: Gynaecology and Breast
Time to complete this course: 45 minutes
Date of publication: 7 August 2023
Mode: Course, Podcast
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