Topic outline

  • Shielding vulnerable patients from COVID-19

    Time to complete:
    15 minutes
    Date of publication:
    April 2020
    Reviewed and updated:
    September 2020

    Advice on COVID-19 is changing day by day. A significant change was the recommendation that a group of high-risk patients should begin to shield. This means not leaving the house for any reason for a period of 12 weeks. In this short module we identify this group and discuss the differences between shielding and social isolation, as well as the actions that GPs need to take now to identify this group, and inform those patients who have been wrongly told to shield. The resources and references page gives links to relevant public health and NHSE sites as well as information to help identify which patients on immunosuppressants should shield.

    This resource was developed by RCGP Learning. 

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