As a patient nears the end of life, a holistic approach is recommended. This approach involves early identification of those likely to be in the last few months of life, discussion of end of life issues with patients and those close to them and provision of high quality care. The process continues after death with support for those left behind as well as reflective practice and audit for the practice team.

In this section:

Current policy best practice

The following resources may be used to determine if a patient is nearing the end of life, and give recommendations of how treatment should be tailored to their specific requirements.

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Clinical treatment guidance

The following resources provide best practice guidance for clinical treatment of a patient nearing the end of life.

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Communicating with patients and those close to them

Current legislation promotes frequent detailed communication between healthcare professionals and patients, their families and others. These tools may be used to communicate with your patients and their support network.

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Current knowledge sources

Legislation and knowledge relating to end of life processes is often changing. The following resources provide ongoing forums and updates in which healthcare professionals may keep abreast of current knowledge.

Quality Improvement

To access shared learning networks to assist you in applying practical QI methodologies to better treat this clinical area, join our QI Ready platform.

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