Specific patient groups and settings

Information on dealing with specific patient groups throughout the COVID-19 period.

Patient groups

Learning disabilities and autism

A list of resources offering advice and support to patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

Guidance from the GMC about managing patient safety risks and deciding when it’s usually safe to treat patients remotely.

Advice on making reasonable adjustments during remote consultations to ensure effective consultations and good patient care.

A guide for patients, containing some simple steps to make remote consultations more effective.

  • Resources for Annual Health Check consultations

Advice and templates for Annual Health Checks for patients with learning disabilities.

LGBT health

A briefing guide from the LGBT Foundation, to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities. Including information for front-line staff about suppporting wider healthcare outcomes of LGBT patients during a period of strain across the NHS.

Paediatrics and child health

A guide for GPs carrying out maternal postnatal checks, the 6-8-week infant examination and routine childhood vaccinations during COVID-19.

Tips for assessing children and young people presenting with potential COVID-19 symptoms.

This guidance is produced by RCPCH and the British Paediatric Allergy Immunity & Infection Group.

Pregnancy and sexual health

In this podcast, Dr. Toni Hazell and Dr. Anne Connolly discuss the FSRH guidance on contraception in the time of COVID-19.

A guide for GPs carrying out maternal postnatal checks, the 6-8-week infant examination and routine childhood vaccinations during COVID-19.

Information for healthcare professionals about the effect of coronavirus on pregnant women and the risk to pregnancy.

Clinical advice from The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) to support ongoing provision of effective contraception.

Guidance for specialists for initiation of valproate in female patients and for annual review and pregnancy testing to support adherence to pregnancy prevention requirements during the pandemic.


This joint document produced by the BMS, RCOG, RCGP and the FSRH is to provide guidance to clinical practitioners on the resumption and running of menopause services in the next phase of restoration of planned clinical services.


Care homes

A series of top tips for GPs providing care in care homes, with examples of good practice from RCGP Clinical Advisers.

This screencast explains what pulse oximetry is and how to use it in care homes, including step by step instructions.

Guidance from the British Geriatrics Society to help care home staff and NHS staff care for residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This webinar will share examples of current good practice and collaboration between primary care and care homes, including resources to support virtual ward rounds.

Guidance on Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP), provided through collaboration between Effective Communication for Health (EC4H) and Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership (EHSCP) to support care homes and GP practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This short module discusses the medicines re-use scheme which allows for the re-use of certain medicines in care homes or hospices, if there is a shortage and re-use is in a patient’s best interests.

Secure environments

An RCGP Spotlight Toolkit containing guidelines and resources on key areas of clinical practice to enhance safety, security and reduction in avoidable death and illness in the prison population.It also contains resources for patients and non-clinical staff working in secure environments.

This document aims to provide practical answers for clinicians working in secure environments.

This patient guide contains responses to frequently asked questions for patients who are currently in secure environments.

A guide containing frequently asked questions about keeping safe as lockdown eases, aimed at patients in secure environments.

  • Understanding COVID-19 in Secure Settings - A resource for residents in secure settings (pictorial)

A specific COVID-19 secure environments resource kit by Beyond Words and RCGP, developed to support residents who find pictures more accessible than the written word.

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