Learning disability and autism resources for COVID-19

Below are listed links to organisations offering advice and support to both patients, carers and professionals. There is a brief description of what is on offer.


The leading autism research charity in the UK and has created resources to support autistic people with: coping with uncertainty, mental health wellbeing, impact on autistic employees and is hosting expert webinars



Embracing complexity 

A coalition of 50 charities supporting all with neurodevelopmental disorders is posting regular updates on twitter




National Autistic Society

Provides resources and tips for autistic people and families




The principle learning disability charity in the UK and has created support for those with a learning disability including in easy read guides



British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD)

Helps those supporting people with complex needs (including government departments, NHS trusts service providers etc) and champions human rights. It also hosts the Learning Disability senate that represents all professional bodies.




Learning disability England

A membership organisation and has created a coronavirus information and work hub which includes video messages, and collects guidance on new ways of working at this time.



Books beyond words 

Resources for Learning Disability in the COVID-19 pandemic



 Breaking bad news

An excellent resource from Irene Tuffrey-Wijne on how to broach bad news to those with LD


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