RCGP module on behaviour change and cancer prevention

This half hour module discussed Very Brief Advice, an intervention which can be carried out during a GP appointment, be that in person or on the phone.

NHS Smokefree

This page has details of stop smoking advice which can be accessed online and via social media while face to face appointments are paused

Suspected cancer information leaflet

This is an example of the leaflet that should be given to every patient when they are referred on the suspected cancer pathway.

Safety netting guide

This CRUK site gives advice about how to use safety-netting when referral pathways have changed or referrals are delayed.

COVID-19 cancer protocols

These documents illustrate the principle that patients awaiting investigation should remain on the hospital tracking list and that a referral may not be downgraded without the permission of the referring GP.

Last modified: Tuesday, 19 May 2020, 4:30 PM