The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many NHS services to pause and contraception has not been an exception to this. It is important that we continue to provide contraceptive services to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy. In this podcast, Dr. Toni Hazell and Dr. Anne Connolly discuss the FSRH guidance on contraception in the time of COVID-19. Topics include a discussion of when LARC methods can be used for longer than their licensed time, when it is safe to prescribe the pill remotely, and the use of the self-administered depot injection Sayana Press.

Since this podcast was recorded, there have been lots of discussions about how we restart contraceptive provision. Please see the following two links for further information’ and then link to the FSRH and PCWFH documents on this. 

Last modified: Friday, 26 June 2020, 9:10 AM