COVID-19 vaccination programme

The latest updates on the COVID-19 vaccine. 

This module introduces the new vaccinations, how they work, and the infrastructure necessary to deliver them successfully.

Last updated: 11/10/21

This document has been produced in response to questions raised by cancer health care professionals relating to the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine in patients receiving systemic anticancer therapy (SACT).

Last reviewed: 21/09/21

A brief guidance document on managing thromboembolism with thrombocytopenia following vaccination with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Last reviewed: 21/09/21

This document from the RCGP's Health Inequalities Standing Group (HISG) summarises examples from RCGP members and stakeholders of how they engaged in the COVID vaccination programme, approached issues in their local area and the impact these approaches have had to date.

Last reviewed: 21/09/21

In this webinar, Dr Michael Mulholland, Dr Jonathan Leach and Dr Paul Turner discuss the management of anaphylaxis in the context of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Last reviewed: 21/09/21

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