Dr Ollie Hart is a GP from Sheffield and clinical director of Heeley Plus PCN. He is also co- founder and director of Peak Health Coaching. In this podcast he discusses:

  • how coaching skills can be used to help us become better leaders
  • how leaders can feel driven, can push to make things happen and how this can impact on a team
  • helping others to connect with what they care about
  • coping with the ‘grind’: although leadership can be energising and uplifting, the hard part is keeping going. How might we do this?

Ollie talks about how a sense of purpose and a drive to make a change propelled him into leadership roles.

Sheinaz Stansfield is a Practice Manager and partner in Gateshead and a Development Adviser for the NHSE Primary Care Transformation team. She discusses:

  • the importance of understanding our strengths as well as the things we are less good at so we can build an effective team,
  • how understanding that your strengths, if overplayed, may have a negative impact and how we can use this understanding to be better leaders.

Sheinez describes her career from health care assistant to nurse and then on to leadership roles driven by a need to help communities and understand population health needs.

Tracey Vell is the Medical Director of Health Innovation Manchester, the medical executive lead for Primary Care for NHS Greater Manchester and the Chief Executive of Manchester LMC. In this episode Tracey highlights:

  • the importance of curiosity and flexibility
  • how leadership at a system level differs from practice level leadership including an understanding of politics and making choices about your leadership interventions
  • how leaders can influence the environment or culture of the organisations they lead.

Tracy shares how she learned to become a leader by listening to colleagues share problems and feeling the need to help find solutions. She describes her leadership journey as learning on the job and balancing multiple priorities as GP and other roles.

Darshna Patel is a GP pharmacist and the Deputy Head of Workforce Planning for NHS England (formerly Health Education England). During this podcast Darshna talks about:

  • what it means to lead with kindness
  • the importance of being kind to yourself
  • how to stay kind, even when the performance of a team member isn’t what you had hoped for
  • the importance of ‘power-sharing’.

Darshna shares her journey from hospital pharmacist to her current role at NHSE:

Austin O’Carroll is a GP in Dublin, the founder of the North Dublin GP training scheme, the founder of Safetynet, The Granby Clinic and GP Care for all, all specialising in providing care for marginalised people, many struggling with homelessness and addiction. He was WONCA Europe GP of the year in 2020.

During this podcast Austin shares his thoughts on:

  • how leaders can use anger or a feeling of injustice to drive them to make a difference
  • how to gather others around you to lead better, as everyone brings something different
  • the importance of a clear vision and mission

Krishna Kasaraneni is a GP from Sheffield who was involved in medical politics as a member of the British Medical Association’s GPs Committee. His main interests are around development of GP workforce health inequalities and shaping a sustainable General Practice for the future. In this podcast he discusses:

  • his inspiration to take on a leadership role and the challenges of medical politics
  • managing situations in which people have strong convictions and equally strong disagreements
  • being as open as you can be in sensitive situations including doing things that are not popular, but necessary.

Krishna describes how he became interested in leadership and how he was inspired to take up leadership roles, including being a member of the BMA’s General Practice Committee:

Susan Bowie is a GP from Shetland, a remarkable place with a remarkable community. She’s not only a leader in her practice developing it to the level that it achieved the Quality Practice Award from the RCGP but she’s a leader in the community, doing things like campaigning for the local school to be kept open and training to undertake cliff rescues.. In this podcast she discusses:

  • How her leadership developed and embraced not just the practice but the Shetland community
  • How to build an effective team with shared values and how to cope when people fall out
  • The importance of great organisation and delegation as the key to sustaining a happy career and life

Susan talks about her experience of working in the community, building effective teams and how organisation and delegation can sustain a happy career and life.

Carey Lunan is a GP who has worked with marginalised groups over many years and chairs the Scottish Deep End Project which represents the most deprived communities in Scotland. She was the past-Chair of the RCGP in Scotland and now works as senior medical advisor on health inequalities to the Scottish Government. In this podcast she discusses:

  • The ‘unworried unwell’, why she is driven by health inequality and how medical training left her unprepared to address this.
  • Why relationship building is the key not only to helping patients but to helping the system to change at practice level and beyond.
  • How skills gained through the consultation can be used to influence those with power such as politicians and policy makers.

Carey discusses health inequality and transferrable skills.

Rupa Joshi is a Berkshire GP and PCN co-clinical director. She has a number of roles in primary care transformation and learning and development and her interest as a lifestyle medic has led to transformational changes through virtual group consultations which empower patients and help workload. In this podcast she discusses:

  • How she came to realise the importance of patient empowerment
  • How to bring people on board with change, including the sceptics
  • Why 'Being a GP' is the most important foundation to becoming an effective leader
  • The power of routine reflection in shaping the leaders we could become

Rupa talking about virtual group consultations and being a lifestyle medic.

Faisal Bokhari is a pharmacist by background, currently working as the Medicines Optimisation lead for Tameside locality, in Greater Manchester Integrated Care. In this episode we talk about:

  • The importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in leaders and how to use this to be a better leader
  • How taking a first step into leadership doesn’t mean you have all the skills at the outset. Saying yes to opportunities can be an opportunity to grow and develop.

Faisal talks about taking a first step into leadership even though you have all the skills at the outset.

Dr Ben Allen is a GP Partner in Sheffield and the Clinical Director for Primary Care in Sheffield. In this podcast we discuss:

  • how to develop a highly performing team using distributed leadership model
  • the importance of building psychological safety in an organisation and how this can be achieved
  • The difference between leading at a practice level and a system level
  • The power of learning from the experience of others

Ben discusses the difference between leading at a practice level and a system level and the power of learning from the experience of others.

Owen Richards is an NHS manager, commissioner and patient advocate from Leigh on Sea, Essex. He has involved residents in the design and evaluation of NHS services and has represented patients nationally, bringing their voice to the RCGP and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. In both roles, he has tried to improve the system through sharing the experience and perspectives of real people. In this podcast he discusses:

  • How the Doctor-patient relationship is evolving
  • How patients are affected by changes in GP services
  • How to engage patients in their care
  • Involving patients in shaping primary care

Owen talks about how Doctor-patient relationship is evolving and how to engage patients in their care.


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