This webinar is presented by RCGPs Faculty Climate and Sustainability Group who share a practical beginner's guide to what GPs can do to tackle the climate and ecological crisis. It covers an overview of the links between planetary and patient health and provides practical tips about what can be done to tackle climate change at the practice and systems level.

Recorded on 31 January 2024.

The webinar is facilitated by RCGP Vice Chair for External Affairs Victoria Tzortziou-Brown this session features presentations from:

  • Dr Veena Aggarwal on why the health of our planet matters to patients
  • Dr Neal Tucker on managing prescribing and patient case studies
  • Dr Kath Brown on what you can do in your own practice

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Net Zero consultancy service

The RCGP’s Net Zero consultancy service matches a practice with a trained adviser who will work closely with the team to develop a decarbonisation plan. The plan will include a baseline assessment of the practice’s current carbon use and emissions; agreed reduction targets, and a prioritised list of actions the practice can take as they work towards reducing their impact on the environment. Get in touch to find out more about the RCGP Net Zero consultancy service.

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