Communication Tips

  1. Gain the person’s attention before you begin to speak.
  2. Avoid speaking from another room. Place yourself at a reasonable distance so they can see your face and lips.
  3. Avoid having the conversation with a lot of background noise.
  4. Remember hearing aids will amplify all background noise, so speech can get lost.
  5. Keep your face well lit. Do not stand with the light or a window behind you as your face will be in a shadow.
  6. Do not cover your face or your lip movements.
  7. Do not look away when talking.
  8. Do not shout! Speak clearly and not too fast or too slow.
  9. Repeat the sentence again (just once) if necessary, then rephrase.
  10. Write down important facts - times, dates, names, places, instructions.
  11. Be calm and patient and leave enough time for the consultation.
  12. Gestures and facial expressions will help augment your message.


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