"It’s really difficult to describe to anyone who can see, just what it feels like to suddenly not have a cane in your hand – the sense of achievement it gives you when you do take that leap of faith. It’s such a lovely experience to be running through the park on a Saturday morning, feeling the fresh air hit my face."

Kelly is Visually Impaired was signposted to parkrun by her GP, Dr Simon Tobin, who also serves as her guide.


"I was first introduced to parkrun by my GP, Dr Hussain, after we discussed my type 2 diabetes. He reassured me that parkrun was a welcoming event. We attend the first event together and I was impressed by how lovely and friendly it was. Since then, I have been to over 32 parkruns and volunteered at a few as well! It has changed my perspective of running from competition to community."


"parkrun is like a warm blanket for me. When the week has been rough, I know I have it to start the weekend on the right foot. There is always a smile and a kind word to be had at my local event. I always leave more positive than when I started."

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