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One Day Essentials is a series of one-day online conferences providing expert specialist clinical training and essential information. GPs and primary healthcare professionals benefit from programmes developed by and featuring leading experts, focused on essential information, practical tips and take-home messages that will help you improve your practice and patient outcomes. One Day Essentials are broadcast live, and this page hosts the recordings and slides, which are available for delegates to access freely for six months from the webinar date.

Each recording is available free to those who registered for the live webinar, otherwise our standard ticket prices apply:

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Women's Health

This recording will be available to view until 10 November 2021.

This year the one day essentials on women’s health covered a range of subjects relevant to the work we provide in primary care with a focus on how to optimise the opportunities for delivering care via remote means. Dr Anne Connolly and a group of leading expert speakers, who either work in primary care or are closely associated with primary care focused on essential information, latest evidence, practical tips and take-home messages to help improve practice and patient outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • A range of practical ideas about how to improve service delivery to women 
  • Improved knowledge of how to diagnose and manage several significant women’s health conditions 
  • Greater insight into a range of key women’s health topics

Topics include:

  • Contraception
  • Pregnancy and COVID-19
  • Vulval disease
  • Menopause
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Postnatal examination

This event was run in collaboration with the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF) and The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG):Primary Care Women's Health Forum and RCPG logo

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Pain Management

This recording will be available to view until 22 October 2021.

The Royal College of General Practitioners and the British Pain Society present a one-day conference providing expert specialist clinical training and essential information on pain management. Chronic pain is probably the most prevalent symptomatic long-term condition and the majority of patients are managed in primary care. Thus education on this complex condition remains one of the essential components of the CPD calendar. Pain management is best performed by a multi-professional team and our list of speakers reflects that. All the speakers are experts in their own field with many coming from primary care. This year there will be an emphasis on several new pain guidelines from NICE and how the effect Primary Care plus we will look at the complexities of managing pain remotely, in the environment of COVID-19.

Topics include:

  • COVID; The Painful Journey
  • Self-Management - exciting times for current and future journeys
  • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain; guidance at last
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Low back pain and sciatica: Updated NICE guideline and personalised car
  • The new NICE Pain Guidelines
  • Panel Discussion

This conference was sponsored by:  

Kyowa Kirin Grunenthal


This recording will be available to view until 8 September 2021.

This year's conference focuses on improving dermatological practice. Rather than covering a series of individual diagnoses, this year we covered broader areas including over-the-counter therapies, legality of patient image use, as well as specific clinic presentations including blistering eruptions, acneiform rashes and rashes in the neonatal period. We also discussed how to approach drug rashes in primary care. Building on the overwhelming positive feedback from last year's ODE and this year's Essentials Webinar Series, we kept the information relevant to general practice, relevant to current practice and delivered in an engaging and informative way by expert speakers who have both specialist knowledge and experience of primary care or of teaching for primary care.

Topics include:

  • ‘Supermarket Dermatology’- over-the-counter skincare products, what to use and what tell patients 
  • ‘Bubble and Squeak’- how to approach the blistering patient
  • ‘Picture Perfect’- understanding good image capture and governance surrounding storage and sharing of patient images
  • ‘Blushing Babies’- a GP’s guide to neonatal rashes
  • ‘All Spots aren’t Acne’- an overview of aceiform and follicular rashes
  • ‘It’s always the drugs’- identifying a drug rash and finding the culprit
  • ‘Quiz time’- closing quiz and learning reflections

This conference was sponsored by:  

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