TARGET antibiotic toolkit training overview

The TARGET antibiotic training workshops aim to highlight the need for optimising antibiotic prescribing by showing the evidence that there is a link between antibiotic prescribing and resistance in patients; and how reducing antibiotic prescribing can not only reduce antibiotic resistance, but also patients’ future expectations for an antibiotic and any further consultations. There are two types of TARGET training:

  • TARGET toolkit train the trainer workshop - attendees of this workshop will become an accredited TARGET trainer and will leave the training equipped to deliver a TARGET antibiotic training workshop to primary healthcare professionals. By the end of this workshop attendees will have a clear understanding of:
    • The TARGET toolkit and how it can support AMS activities
    • The TARGET training materials - core training slides and clinical scenarios
    • How to update the TARGET training materials to suit your needs What their role is in terms of the onward cascade of TARGET training in their area
  • TARGET antibiotic training workshop - aimed at primary care health professionals at a PCN or practice level. By the end of this workshop attendees will have a clear understanding of:
    • The consequences of antimicrobial resistance and the role we all play in contributing to, and addressing, AMR
    • The TARGET toolkit and how it can support them - where to find it and how to use it
    • What they, and their practice, can do to help tackle AMR safely and responsibly
    • The value of using appropriate SNOMED/Read codes

Attendees of both workshops will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of a post-workshop survey that counts towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

“I would encourage any nurse or doctor who has an interest in antibiotic stewardship, education, and leadership, to nominate themselves as their practice’s lead Antibiotic Guardian and enrol on the TARGET Train the Trainer workshop.”
- Kath Hartigan, Nurse Practitioner and TARGET Approved Trainer

Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) found that the workshop results in fewer antibiotic prescriptions dispensed, compared to controls with usual support from their CCG. In summary, this study found that within usual service provision, TARGET antibiotic workshops can help improve antibiotic use, and therefore should be considered as part of any national antimicrobial stewardship initiatives.

TARGET training roll out in England
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