Patient facing materials

Treating your infection - Respiratory tract infection (TYI-RTI) leaflet 

The TYI-RTI patient information leaflet has been designed to be used with patients who are experiencing self limiting RTIs. 

This leaflet supports implementation of recommendations in the NICE guidelines on processes for antimicrobial stewardship and behaviour change for antimicrobial stewardship.

TYI-RTI leaflet (Welsh)

For leaflet translations in various languages, please visit the Leaflets to Use with Patients section of the TARGET toolkit.

TYI-RTI pictorial leaflet

The leaflet can be used either to provide information on RTIs. It is pictorial and uses plain English so that it is suitable for a range of community groups. The leaflet may also be used during primary care consultations to facilitate dialogue between a patient and their healthcare professional on specific topics like treatment or safety netting. We would recommend that the leaflet is used as a tool to interact with patients, rather than as a ‘parting gift’. 

TYI-RTI pictorial leaflet (Welsh)

TYI-RTI leaflet for other clinical settings

For pharmacy versions of the leaflets (including Welsh version) please refer to our RTI leaflet for community pharmacies section within the TARGET toolkit.

This leaflet has been designed for use in the out of hours (OOH) setting. It is suitable for consultations to facilitate dialogue between a patient and their healthcare professional on specific topics related to their RTI.

TYI-RTI leaflet for OOH Clinics (Welsh) 

Caring for children with coughs leaflet

This leaflet was co-created by a diverse group of parents and University of Bristol researchers. It contains information addressing the four most common parental concerns for children with RTI with cough and safety-netting advice based on NICE guidelines. The leaflet was created under a creative commons licence (attribution) which means they can be used, reproduced and distributed by anyone as long as they are clearly attributed in any report or publication and cited as: Cabral, C. Ingram, J. Redmond, N. Horwood, J. Blair, P. Hollinghurst, S. Hay, A. Lucas P. 2016, ‘Caring for children with coughs: Information and advice for parents’. University of Bristol, Bristol. Foreign language translation of this leaflet are available from the University of Bristol website.