Patient registration for GP online services

The guidance in this section is for practice clinicians, managers and staff manage GP online services and make decisions about patients’ online access.  Anyone in the practice who interacts directly with patients should be aware of the patient registration process for online services, especially reception staff.

It describes in detail how to sign up new applicants for GP online services, including the procedures for verifying the identity of the person requesting an online account, clinically assuring the patient record for online access and discussing access with the patient before services are switched on.  It also covers applications from people acting on behalf of the patients, such as parents, family members and carers (proxy access).

Patients may book an initial appointment online as soon as they have completed a simple online registration process.  Full access to appointment, repeat prescription ordering or record access services require a secure identity verification process.  This may be carried out by the practice or remotely by the NHS as part of an application for an NHS Login.