Cancer information for Patients Carers and Professionals

If you or a loved one is affected by cancer you want to be able to access jargon-free reliable information relevant to you.

This section of the toolkit aims to signpost you to these resources or to help your GP find them on your behalf. Much of the information is extremely detailed and will also be very useful for healthcare professionals.

If you notice any change to your body that's not normal for you or doesn't go away, always speak to your doctor. If you have seen your doctor but your symptoms don't go away, go back and see your doctor.


Patient Friendly Information



  • NHS: Cancer Information and Useful Links. – A good source of reliable information for patients and carers, including what people can do to reduce their risk of cancer.
  • NHS Inform: A good source of information for patients, public and health professionals in Scotland.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Debunking the Myths

  • Cancer Research UK Blog – Provides up-to-date views on new developments and helps give an evidence based perspective on common myths and misconceptions about cancer
  • CRUK: Cancer controversies – information about common cancer controversies

Support for Carers

Looking after someone with cancer is not always easy but there is information and support available to help your patients with day-to-day care, psychological support and with practical matters such as finances and getting to appointments. Your GP should be able to direct you to local support but below are some good starting points for directing patients to appropriate support and resources.

The Supporting Breathlessness website for informal carers (family and friends of patients with breathlessness) that is evidence based. Mapped to carers' learning needs and preferences, and can be used by carers on their own, explored in peer- or clinician-led support groups, or in one-to-one sessions between clinicians and carers (and patients).