UTI Leaflet - Combined For Adults

This leaflet contains information from our Treating Your Infection Urinary Tract Infection (TYI-UTI) leaflet for women under 65 years and UTI leaflet for older adults in an easily accessible booklet style format with icons and images. This leaflet has been designed for use in the primary care setting, including general practice, community pharmacy and for use by carers and in care homes. It is suitable for consultations to facilitate dialogue between a patient or their carer and their healthcare professional on specific topics related to managing their UTI.

For a fully referenced version of the leaflet, please email: TARGETAntibiotics@phe.gov.uk.

UTI leaflet combined for adults (Welsh)

UTI leaflet combined for adults translations

The following translations do not include information about COVID-19, please discuss concerns with your patient as part of the consultation.

For any leaflet queries please contact us: TARGETantibiotics@ukhsa.gov.uk